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Jason, 35 


The Habitat is so great. It’s the place I go to with my buddies to relax and unwind. Of course the best things at The Habitat are the handcrafted beers. We like experimenting with the microbrews, especially with the bitter ales. I have tried everything as I am always there every Fridays. I totally recommend hanging out there. They have television, pool and darts so you can enjoy a game while drinking.  


Miriam, 29 


The Habitat will always be special to me. It is where I met my future husband while having a round of pool with friends. Rightfully so, it’s also the place where we proposed and agreed to marry him. While we are not having our wedding party there (my fiancé would have wanted to except for our mothers’ vehement objections), it will definitely be very close to our hearts. Oh, my man will be having his stag party there.  


Leinard, 50 


This The Habitat is something I have grown used to and come to love in just a few years. I used to frequent an old bar just nearby. However, it closed and so, I went to The Habitat around 3 years ago and now, I am still going back and quite addicted to it. The beers are good, the food is better, the company is the best. It is definitely a place that I can see myself continuing to frequent in the coming years.  


Michelle, 25 


I go to The Habitat with girlfriends all the time. We usually have a pint here and of course partake of their tamales which are to die for. I will continue going back. Hope to see you guys here.