About Us 

Do you want to go to a place in Wisconsin just to relax and have some fun with your mates? The Habitat is simply the best place for you to go.  


Established in 2000, The Habitat started as a microbrewery where people go just to get a taste of our handcrafted beers. Through the years, we became a pub and then a restaurant, in response to the clamor of the people to become a place where they can hang out with friends and family.  


Of course, we are so happy for the kind of reception we received from the people of Milwaukee. Even if we are just technically still a new kid on the block, we were embraced by the people and even become part of the culture as we have become witnesses to marriages, engagements, birthdays and other celebrations that are held in our place.  


We hope that we will continue to be a part of your life. Come to our place and engage with us in terms of our beer brews.  


The Habitat is very proud to note that we are an award-winning micro-brewery. We have won various awards for the kind of brews that we create. We have bitter brews, sweet brews, specialty brews and more. But perhaps, the brews that we are most known for are our specialty brews in which we mix notes of malt and hops with fruity notes such as cranberries, blueberries, plum and more. We have created various types of beers from this mixes and we are very proud to say that we continue to have your patronage because of it.  


If you want more specialty brews, please do let us know. Just click the contact us button to email us or to simply get in touch. Thank you so much.